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Certified integration of Tricentis Tosca with SAP Solution Manager enables customers risk-based and change-based testing of SAP software.

The solution provides standard integration functionality that helps users create and execute test cases, exchange test data and consolidate reporting. Besides that, it enables risk-based testing and change-impact analysis that make business process testing more efficient and more accurate.

Enterprises can now automatically identify and schedule  the test cases required to validate how an SAP standard update package impacts their business process.

This means that customers can benefit from:

Automated testing of all SAP products without restrictions on UI technologies 

API-based automated testing of SAP products

Managing data centrally in Tosca Server

Letting your automated test cases dynamically retrieve data from the Tosca Server and also updating data during the execution

Our Consultants will help you determine whether the TTA addresses all your needs or whether a full Tosca licence is the right solution for your enterprise.

You have the possibility to use Tricentis Test Automation for SAP product (TTA) which is a free Tosca subset that comes with the SAP license but doesn’t contain all Tricentis Tosca functionalities.

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