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To meet business expectations, organizations must adopt an optimized Continuous Testing practice that provides real-time insight into the business risk of your release candidates. This can’t be achieved by simply adding more automated tests. It requires a deeper transformation that impacts people, processes, and technologies.

If you want to get on the path towards efficient continuous testing, you need to first understand where you stand right now. This means getting answers to questions like:

What are our testing strengths and


Where do we need to shift our focus in
order to move our testing to the next


What should be our next goal and what steps do we need to take to achieve it?

These are all questions that Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment (CTMA) answers for you in a matter of minutes. It is a fully online, self-service assessment that was developed by Tricentis in partnership with The ACT Framework.

So how does the assessment work?

The process is fast and simple and can be completed with information obtained from your QA Lead, Architect or Manager. 

 With 81% of organizations adopting DevOps and 91% adopting Agile,

 Continuous Testing is no longer optional.


The CTMA will identify gaps in your current testing practice and provide recommendations for your continuous testing journey. With this plan in hand, you will be able to quickly understand which actions to prioritize and with their proper execution, you are on the way to rewarding continuous testing.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you leverage continuous testing in your enterprise.

CTMA provides your enterprise with an overview of your progress that reveals which actions to take. 

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Answer series of questions about your testing team 

Decide which meaningful metrics to track

Instantly receive your personalized roadmap to success

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