Business Intelligence (BI)
Data Warehouse (DWH) Solutions

What is the use of structured information in core business processes if it’s not prepared with sufficient intelligence and is not user-friendly? Structured information should, in essence, reveal untapped potentials, weak spots and expose complex relationships. 
The quality of BI/ DWH solutions is only as good as the quality findings it delivers and the value of data it provides.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a key component of every organization’s IT framework. It is, primarily, all about getting the right info to the right people at the right time. It allows users to report on, optimize and analyze business operations to increase revenues and reduce costs. 

Similarly, Data Warehouses (DWH) are an integral component of an organization’s infrastructure that allows for greater insights into the business. Despite the money, effort and time being invested in building the right Data Warehouses, optimum functionalities can only be achieved if the planning and execution process is meticulously done with right resources and tools. 

We offer a focused solution, combining BI/ DWH and testing knowledge. We strongly believe in building BI/ DWH solutions with scalable, agile, and resilient architecture that provides actionable information that would ultimately, lead to the success of an organization’s BI/DWH initiatives. 

DWH Typical Pain Points

Unavailability of data from right sources

Poor data quality

Poor data architecture

Slow running analysis queries and reports

Validation of report formats during

Testing errors due to lack of info on the network, database design, surrogate infrastructure, and application server.