Digital Testing
Web vs. Mobile Testing


Mobile and web applications are at the core of digital transformation, yet 82% of companies lack a clear digital testing strategy. Only those organizations that have adopted mobile application testing as a business-critical function are reaping big. 




Customers now have a plethora of alternative mobile applications to choose from effortlessly and are increasingly intolerant of: 




35% of the testing budget and QA for new development in most IT firms is spent on customer channels (front office) and mobile solution. But are the tools used efficient enough to match the shift of attention in mobile testing? Even organizations with robust testing foundation are encountering challenges with mobile testing, such as:

• Security
• Performance
• System Integration
• App distribution management
• OS, platform, and device fragmentation
• User Experience (UX)

Companies that are looking to scale should ask three pertinent questions:

• Functional Defects

• Poor user experience

• Below-par performance

• Device compatibility issues


Do we have the right investment levels in digital testing tools, processes, and resources?


Does our web and mobile testing strategies prepare us for digital disruption to our organization?


Is our testing strategy designed for managing security vulnerabilities and application resiliency in this fast-paced and highly-connected world?

Our mobile testing solutions are tailored to industry-leading standards. We are committed to supporting our clients in identifying, planning and implementing their unique needs for mobile solutions. We provide a wide range of web and mobile testing tools to deliver a structured testing experience.