Test Automation

Ice cream cone Anti-Pattern is a concept that outlines the focus of your automation efforts with the best ROI in mind. 

Typically, the Ice Cream Cone Anti-Pattern has four stages:

Unit Testing
Integration - API testing
GUI Testing
Manual Testing
Manual Testing
GUI Testing
Unit Testing
API testing
Integration testing
Component testing

Ice cream cone Anti-Pattern places its testing efforts and labor on manual testing of the completed application with no automation strategy at all. That can be cumbersome, expensive and inefficient. Certainly, the cost and duration of getting an application to the market are greatly curtailed leading to losses, delays, and massive application risks and errors. Such an environment where the end-to-end functional tests are in critical mass is not ideal in an agile software testing environment. 

The Solution

Test Automation Pyramid that emphasises 
testing at the early API development cycle. 


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