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Strategic Partnership With Tricentis

SAP S/4HANA Transformation

However, this doesn’t come without challenges. 

The migration will have impact on all your business flows and therefore it needs to be tested at all levels. Your testing approach will unavoidably determine success of S/4HANA implementation. And it’s not only about testing during the implementation phase. Due to regular updates and more frequent new releases, proper testing approach that secures reliable tests is a necessity.

This is where Tricentis Tosca will help you remarkably.

How does this work?

Modern, AI-Driven Technology for Easy Adoption

  • No-code, business friendly platform

  • AI-driven impact analysis for fast, safe changes

  • Cloud-based architecture

  • Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

  • Proven results in the world's biggest brands

  • Versatile platform for customers at any stage of SAP modernization

  • Model-based automation for resiliency and scalability

  • Risk-based approach 

  • Seamless integrations for SAP and non-SAP testing

Tricentis Tosca is able to help customers at every step of their journey thanks to its partnership with SAP.

SAP offers a full toolset to continuously release your applications. With Tricentis products included in this toolset, you'll be able to answer these three questions:

What to test?

Identify impact of any application changes using SAP Change Impact Analysis with Tricentis LiveCompare. This allows you to identify what to test.

Does it work?

Once you identified what to test, build automated tests quickly and efficiently with SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing using Tricentis Tosca.

Does it scale?

Ensure that the application scales up for use by a larger user base. This can be done with Enterprise Load Testing using Tricentis Flood.

The Tricentis platform integrates seamlessly not only into your waterfall development structure but especially into your DevOps toolchain pipeline.

With the right risk-based and scalable focus, you can be sure that your key business processes are in safe hands.

The Global Leader in Enterprise Testing Solutions

Enterprise-Grade Platform for SAP testing and Beyond

Why SAP chose Tricentis as its official testing solution

Migration to S/4HANA can boost your bussiness performance significantly thanks to its increased speed, stronger performance and access to new innovations

Tricentis Tosca is able to help customers at every step of their journey thanks to its partnership with SAP.

4 Steps to S/4HANA migration:





Assesment to become aware of the risk areas

Identification of the tests that address your risks

Optimization of your Test Suite

Adoption of Continuous Testing

Andreas Dorner Linkedin

Whether you are implementing SAP from scratch (greenfield approach), transforming existing SAP ERP into S/4HANA (brownfield approach) or using a combined approach, you will need to plan out the process carefully.

With our help, you will obtain a comprehensive test strategy that deals with all impacted areas and introduces solutions that address also your future testing needs due to incremental rollouts of new innovations.

SAP Solution Manager Integration

One of the benefits of SAP and Tricentis partnership is providing the automation capabilities of Tricentis with SAP Solution Manager 7.2. 

Get in touch and learn how we can help you optimize your SAP Testing!  

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