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The use of AI in ToscaGPT means that it can learn and adapt over time, continually improving its ability to generate test cases that are relevant, accurate, and efficient. This continuous improvement ensures that your test automation process remains effective and up-to-date with your projects.

We are here to share our knowledge and findings in this complex world of automation. Schedule a live demo with your team and one of our partners, Amin Chirazi. 

What's Next for

Tricentis Tosca vs Xray
Schedule a Live Demo: Amin Chirazi

The journey has just begun, and we're already working on exciting new features for ToscaGPT. Stay tuned for upcoming API-related functionalities and other enhancements that will take your Tosca experience to new heights. We’re always looking to find new use cases for ToscaGPT, so if you have suggestion how AI could be used to improve the Tosca User experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Learn how to use ToscaGPT:

Watch our 2 Minute Introduction Video

This seems too good to be True!


A GPT-4 Powered Add-On for Tricentis Tosca

At Automators, we're committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance your software development lifecycle. This is why we are developing ToscaGPT, a groundbreaking OpenAI-powered Add-On for Tricentis Tosca.

What is ToscaGPT?

The software industry has been experiencing a paradigm shift as artificial intelligence transforms the way we approach software development and testing. This revolution has led to an increased need for comprehensive, user-friendly test management tools that can harness the power of AI to streamline testing processes. 

Tricentis Tosca and Xray

ToscaGPT is a cutting-edge Add-On that seamlessly integrates with Tricentis Tosca, leveraging the power of GPT-4 to enhance your TestCaseDesign experience. With ToscaGPT, you can:

Generate TestSheets effortlessly by entering a prompt, which GPT-4 uses to create attribute structures and instances.

Populate TestSheets directly in Tosca TestCaseDesign by selecting an established structure and letting GPT-4 technology do the heavy lifting.

Modify prompts before generating attribute structures and instances, allowing for fine-tuned TestSheet and test data generation and full control over your TestCaseDesign process.

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