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Get a guided tour, discover more about how the Module Replacer works and see how we can help your organization transform the way you test.

We are here for you

We offer a new and fundamentally different working solution for complete replace and adaption of Classic Steps required.


Tricentis will be discontinuing support for Tosca’s classic engines after the planned release of Tosca 15.1. In big customer projects there is a challenge to migrate many thousands of test steps which can result in a huge effort.

Why AUTOMATORS Module Replacer?

We as Tricentis Partner ended with solution and developed the Module Replacer which is a comprehensive tool for automatic migration of large portfolios from Classic to the new TBox technology.

Predefined Module definitions for Standard modules

Automatic adaption to Tbox Syntax for many values.

Database of all Modules created - high reuse

>30 Table variants supported

Complete reset possible in case of errors

It reduces the effort of the migration to a compact and plannable project and is offered as a service

The AUTOMATION MODULE REPLACER is fully configurable and extendable to all classic engines

Open your door to the world of automatic migration from Classic to the new TBox technology.

Special Features

Automated build of new modules –

no scan necessary!

Free configurable, adaption to all technologies possible

Run during normal work possible

(only 1 checkout)






How the Module Replacer works?






Check out relevant TestCase and identify all Steps for Replace

Build Tbox Module if it does not exist

Replace all Steps with keeping all attributes and logics, adapt StepValues from Classic to TBox syntax

Disable replaced steps

Check In TestCase

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