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With plenty of experience from implementation of the connector in various directions, we are ready to create an optimum solution for your specific toolset and bring your operations to the next level. 

Our connector works both ways and translates between the two test environments effortlessly and fully automatically. Once set up, you will receive unified test results from all your routines. 

We are here to share our knowledge and findings in this complex world of automation. Schedule a live demo with your team and one of our partners, Amin Chirazi. 

The connector serves the need to synchronize test cases from Xray to Tosca or the other way around and brings manual and automated testing into a single report.

Tricentis Tosca vs Xray
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Tricentis Tosca and Xray

These business units took over the responsibility for creating and executing their own manual or even automated test cases. This inevitably leads to an increased need for a comprehensive test management tool which is easy to use, easy to access and integrated into the user stories or requirements. 

JIRA add-on is therefore an obvious choice. It’s a perfect solution for business users who can easily link user stories to tests in JIRA and get a detailed overview of the requirements state as well as the result of their regression tests after new releases. 

The real challenge comes when you want to connect your automation tool with JIRA (primarily designed for manual regression tests management). As there is no out-of-the-box, easy and cheap solution on the market, we invested into developing our own.

Automators is the first company to provide 
connection between Tricentis Tosca and Xray

No more centralized testing within specialized teams. These activities are now being performed in much more decentralized fashion within individual business units. 

Tricentis Tosca and Xray

Learn how to use Tosca Xray:

Watch our 3 Minute Introduction Video

In the recent years we've seen a change in how enterprises organize their testing



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