Automated Testing
Automated vs. Manual

Thorough software testing is crucial to the success of an application/product. However, maintaining massive systems can be a severe drain on valuable resources. Testing can be expensive, time-consuming, subject to human error and often repetitive. But, with the right strategy, tools, and infrastructure, this process can be simplified. Both manual and automated testing offer unique benefits and challenges. 

In manual testing, test cases are performed manually without the use of scripts. 

On the other hand, automated testing involves the use of an automation tool/script to execute the test case suite. By automating software testing, companies can reduce their products go-to-market time, minimize effort and cut their testing budgets by up to 50%. 

Test automation is big on:






How to Decide What Cases should be Automated or Manually Tested? 




Return on Investment (ROI): Is the investment of resources and time to properly run automated test cases worth the profit gained

Test Complexity: Is the test so complex that it would be easier to maintain it manually


Stability of the application under test (AUT): Are there parts of the application that need to be done on the fly’ by human testers