Recovery Network

A test robot can identify if an application is stuck in a testcase and then recover it (for example restarting a browser). 

That is crucial especially when you run the automation during the night. 

The worst thing which can happen is that you start 1000 testcases and the robot got stuck on testcase 10 and was not able to recover and continue with the next testcases. 

Why Recovery Network?


Improve agility of the testing environment: Reduce delays that would result from stalled test automation cases.


Increase efficiency: Recovery network testing increases environment efficiency by up to 30% by ensuring that all resources are optimized to run all test cases as planned.


Increased productivity. Test teams can successfully run multiple test cases. 


Improve Proactive monitoring and self-healing for repeat incidentsIn a test environment.


Increased compliance with enterprise policies: Allows for infrastructural integrity during Patching and upgrading.