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We understand how doing repetitive tasks can become boring and tedious.

Waiting for implementation of new systems that would eliminate some of these chores can take years and it's often not an efficient solution for process improvement.

That’s where hyperautomation comes into play.​

It combines artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation which provides tools to gain quick wins in an IT systems landscape.

​There is a wide range of tools for hyperautomation but not all of them are suitable for our clients in the regulated environment.

Only a tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require regular interventions from IT programmers can serve our clients in the corporate world.

Increase speed and productivity. Employees are the first to appreciate the benefits of RPA as it removes non-value-add activities and relieves them from the rising pressure of work

Integrate legacy systems. Automate processes on top of your existing systems, including spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned documents and all kinds of applications.

Use advanced scraping techniques. Extract anything you can see in a web browser including statistics, product catalogues, search-engine results, social networks feeds, customer opinions, and much more.

Automate quickly and more securely. Empower everyone to build automated processes with flows in Power Automate. Use low-code, drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of prebuilt connectors that automate repetitive, mundane tasks with ease.

Boost efficiency. Record and visualize your end-to-end processes with process advisor, providing guided recommendations for creating flows and deep insights that take the guesswork out of what to automate.

Enhance workflows with AI. Make your automation even smarter with AI Builder. Quickly process forms using document automation, process approvals, detect images and text, or create with prebuilt models.

That’s why we chose to work with the Ui Path and Microsoft Power Automate. 

Whether you want to create a Centre of Excellence or prefer to become a self-improving team, we trust that these tools will unburden your teams from dull repetitive work and will help you create a space for activities that bring real value to your company. We also ensure integration into your IT framework including development of a governance concept to support a smooth usage and maintenance.

UIpath Logo

Ui Path

Ui Path is a first-class process automation tool that has been named a leader by independent research as it appeared in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant and the Forrester Wave for RPA for Q1 2021.

With UiPath, you can enable anyone in your organization to build and use robots so that everyone can be an automation creator or contributor

Microsoft Power Automate


Microsoft Power Automate is one of the Microsoft 365 tools that lets you automate processes from very simple ones (such as saving an email attachment) to those that are more sophisticated (such as automating approval process). Power Automate can be connected to other Microsoft or third-party services such as SharePoint or Outlook allowing for an easy automation of workflows.

Learn how the hyperautomation can help you eliminate repetitive tasks and bring significant time and money savings.

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