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This approach may take on various forms throughout your test automation journey. If you currently found yourself dealing with a large long-term project or you need to manage irregular peaks in demand, then using managed services is the right solution for you.

Via managed service we don’t focus only on assistance in the areas of support, maintenance and optimization of the test automation. We take this to the next level and build a long-term partnerships with our clients.


We become the primary contact for all strategic and architectural questions relating to test automation and maintenance of the integrated processes in the overall business context.

Here is what you get

by partnering with us:

Support of the Tricentis applications by an experienced partner with a high level of expertise in the field of test automation

Optimization of the test case portfolio and improvement of your testing processes

Execution and evaluation of automated test cases

Coordination with the departments to achieve better, faster and more meaningful test results

Achievement of a high scalability of the services in order to be able to react quickly to future requirements

Reduction of care costs through transparent, market-adjusted pricing with clearly defined and calculable costs 

Long-term partnership with Automators GmbH

We make sure that the managed services address your needs by providing highly skilled test engineers who look after your testing project while collaborating closely with all stakeholders. 

Our approach lets you focus on your core business and activities that bring the most value to your company. We do our part, you do yours.

Classifying the Process

From chaos to order with the professional managed services

When it comes to test automation, you want to take the approach that is right for your company. 



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